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Liebo is a supporting antagonist of the 2005 film xXx: State of the Union, the sequel to 2002's xXx. He is a member of the Deckert Commando Unit who was involved in George Deckert's plot to overthrow the President.

He was portrayed by Matt Gerald, who has also portrayed Ray Speltzer in Dexter and White Power Dave in All Hail the King.


Chasing Darius Stone

Liebo was first seen alongside Alabama Cobb as Deckert talks to General Jack Pettibone about his plan to overthrow President Sanford. However, as Pettibone refused to be part of the coup, Cobb spotted new xXx agent Darius Stone posing as a waiter while eavedropping on the conversation. As such, Cobb get Liebo and his men to chase after Stone, only for Charlie Mayweather to help Stone escape to her safe house, where she murders Pettibone and frames Stone for it, forcing him to escape once again.

Liebo was seen again the U.S.S. Independence as he helps Cobb and Charlie gather their troops together for coup. It also turns out that they have kidnapped Augustus Gibbons and several of his loyal men as Deckert intends to frame them for the coup to cover his tracks. Needless to say, Stone managed to infiltrate inside the ship before hijacking a tank.


Upon hearing of Stone's current location from Charlie, Cobb orders Liebo to commandeer another tank and gives him the green light to do everything to kill him at once. Liebo ordered his men to fire a shell at Stone, but the latter manages to manuever his tank away, causing the shell to destroy a helicopter by accident, much to both Liebo's dismay.

As Stone drives his tank up to the flight deck, Liebo follows him up as well. Just before Liebo and his men are about to launch another shell at Stone's tank, Stone has already fled from the tank and sets it to ram into Liebo's tank, causing a massive explosion that kills both Liebo and his men and sending both tanks to fall into the water, much to Cobb's anger.



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