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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid.
~ Albert Einstein (both real and HI3)

Lieserl Albert Einsteim, also known as Dr. Einstein, Ai Yin, Ji Wotou and Liersel Baby is a major antagonist in Honkai Impact 3rd introduced as major heroine in 2nd Eruption comic books, a major antagonist in Anti-Entrophy Invasion and Moon Shadow Arc webcomics. She appeared in the first chapters of the game as an antagonist, before her redemption in Chapter 9, where she helps the rebels from Hyperion to investigate a underwater ancient civilization. She also appears as one of the main protagonists of Anti-Entrophy chinese visual novel.

Einstein was a genius and the greatest inventor in the history of mankind to the point she was considered the embodiment of a genius. She once served Shicksal in the Imperial Academy but later fled from the organization when she met Welt Joyce, the First Herrscher of the New World in North America's Shicksal Branch in 1955. She was one of the co-founders of Anti-Entrophy that later, on November 1955, senior scientific researchers from the North America branch deviated from Entropy and the Anti-Entropy was established with her guide.

Despite having good intentions to save mankind, Einstein begun to use questionable methods to stop the Houkai over the decades. Despite her appearance, she is actually eighty-one years old.

She was voiced by Qin Ziyi in Chinese and Jihe Guangxi in Japanese.

Data Files (memories)

Data Files of her Stigmata found in the Chibi Dorm.


  • Activity: North America - Anti-Entropy
  • Stats: Neutral Good/Evil
  • Area of Achievement: Theoretical physics
  • Height: 149
  • Weight: 42
  • Age: 81
  • Place of Birth: Switzerland

Stigma Memory Clip 1

The greatest inventor in the history of mankind. The embodiment of a genius. Someone who changed the world. Add any other nice compliments you can think of... This person actually deserves whatever nice things we say.
~ Stigma Memory Clip 1

Stigma Memory Clip 2

Einstein chibi.

She learned calculus and linear algebra on her own by age 8. By the time she was 16, she presented her idea of general relativity and received her PhD. She viewed gravity as bends in time, thus changing mankind's perspective on the entire universe.
~ Stigma Memory Clip 2

Stigma Memory Clip 3

Her mentor was her friend and teacher, Planck. From when Einstein was 8 years old, she was recommend to Planck by some psychologist, and Planck essentially took on the role of Einstein's guardian. Because of this, although younger than Tesla and Schrodinger, she was technically their senpai.
~ Stigma Memory Clip 3

Stigma Memory Clip 4

Founder of Anti-Entropy along with Walter, Planck, and Tesla. The forerunners of Anti-Entropy were all originally from the Schicksal's North American Branch. This was because on November 25th, 1955, the North American Branch violently broke themselves away from the Schicksal and rapidly grew to be a contender for world power.
~ Stigma Memory Clip 4

Stigma Memory Clip 5

It seems that Walter, the 1st Herrscher, has an interesting past along with the head of Anti-Entropy. No matter what, even if today's Einstein was that Einstein... Walter would not be that Walter.
~ Stigma Memory Clip 5


Despite her young appearance, Einstein is actually the oldest member of Anti-Entropy alongside Tesla. She is a petite girl/woman with pale skin, blue eyes and blue hair. According to Welt, if it wasn't for her weird hair she could have been more beautiful.

According to Welt Joyce, he saw her as a crazy neighbor instead of a "mad scientist".


By her own admission, she is enslaved by her lust for knowledge and doesn’t hesitate to use questionable methods to achieve her scientific goals. She is very meticulous in her work and is very protective of it to the point she is furious if someone were to enter her lab without permission. As an atheist, she does not believe in deities and finds immortality to be a nuisance, that until the existence of Herrschers was proved with the appearance of the First Herrscher, Welt Joyce.

She rarely interacted with others due how invested she was with his research, facing ethical scrutiny for its immoral and illegal conduct at the time Anti-Entrophy was founded where she performed experiments in humans to achieve the key to end the Houkai's Will. An an old experienced woman, she has the nature of a calm individual, with a very emotionless personality. She takes pride in how beneficial her creations prove to be, but she does seem rather disinterested in the formal procedures and rarely shows her face in public unless it's truly necessary as seen in the Second Houkai War where she personally went to fight Herrscher of the Void using her own prototype of Titan. She has a shaky relationship with Otto Apocalypse and the Shicksal as a whole, whose ideals on human physiology she strongly disagrees with.

Despite her cold nature, she is actually pretty kind-hearted and is willing to do anything to protect the people she work with and always chooses the option to not sacrifice her own allies to achieve victory.



  • Einstein is the oldest character with the body a child to date in the franchise, losing only to Fu Hua who is 52,000 years old and has the body of a 17-years old teenager. Before the appearance of Einstein, Theresa Apocalypse was the oldest in the form of a child, a character who is almost 50 years old but has the body of a 12 year old girl.
  • It was never stated but there was a possibility Einstein was in love with Nikola Tesla, one of the closest people to her.
  • According to Gemina Dream's event, Einstein hates the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory.
    • In the same event, she said she wanted to be a sexy spy or the lead heroine of a film for once instead of being treated like a nerd.


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