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Lieutenant Aye is a secondary antagonist of the 2008 film Rambo. He is a Burmese army lieutenant serving for Major Tint and the Tatmadaw.

He was portrayed by Aung Aay Noi.


Aye was first seen getting drunk following the Tatmadaw's capture of several American missionaries and the massacre of a village. He spots a woman named Sarah Miller inside one of the prison cages (as she happens to be one of the missionaries).

Deciding to take his chance with her, Aye grabs Sarah and drags her into his own hut, where he is about to unbuckle his belt, intending to rape Sarah for his own pleasure.

Fortunately for Sarah, John Rambo came to the rescue by bringing in several mercenaries to save the missionaries and other hostages from custody. To that end, Rambo grabbed Aye on the neck, slowly using his bare fingers to rip Aye's throat open, killing him and saving Sarah's life.

The next day, Major Tint finds Aye's corpse inside the hut, realizing that the hostages have been rescued. In retaliation, Tint angrily orders the Tatmadaw to hunt down the missionaries and mercenaries, though they later end up being killed by Rambo and the mercenaries (with the help from arriving Karen rebels).


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