Colonel Podovsky along with Marshall Murdock is one of the main villains of Rambo: First Blood Part II. He along with his men are working with the North Vietnamese and holding several American soldiers prisoner. Podovsky is first seen when Rambo and an escaped prisoner are captured. During interrogation, Podovsky orders that Rambo call Murdock never to conduct further searches for prisoners of war. Instead of giving the demands, Rambo sends a threat to Murdock telling him he will come after him then starts his escape along with Co and the prisoner. In response, Podovsky sends a number of Russians to find and kill Rambo. After Sgt. Yushin fails, Podovsky decides to take action in his helicopter. Rambo aims a rocket launcher and after a clear shot, Podovsky is blown to a thousand bits along with his helicopter.

thumb|500px|left|Podovsky torturing Rambo.

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