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Lieutenant General Raven is one of the high-ranking officials in the Amestrian military in the manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist (specifically Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). He first appears as a possible ally towards Roy Mustang after the Flame Alchemist learns the truth of King Bradley being a homunculus due to his jovial nature. However, Raven reveals quickly that he, like other elite officials at Central Command, are already well-aware and involved in the horrific plot.

He was voiced by Katsuhisa Houki in the Japanese version and the late Christopher Ayres in the English version.

Role in the Story

According to some information given by Grumman, Raven was actually a well-respected general that would do anything to ensure the survival of his soldiers. Armstrong also seems to confirm this, noting that Raven was indeed once a good soldier. But, like the other generals involved in Father's plot, he sacrificed his morality as he aged as a chance to escape death via the "promised" immortality.

Raven reappears at Fort Briggs during the Elric Brothers' time there, accompanied by Solf J. Kimblee and the Gold Toothed Doctor in order to heal Kimblee's wounds. While there, the Elrics and Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong set up a verbal trap wherein Raven would reveal the plot of Central Command. Taking advantage of his ego and lecherous nature, Armstrong manages to get Raven to confess the plan of creating an army of immortal supersoldiers and that there is a chance for those in the good graces to obtain immortality at the cost of those who will be sacrificed in Father's plot. (He even goes as far as saying that it's a matter of "survival of the fittest" and that those killed will be for the good of the strongest to survive. Despite this, he is ignorant that he is only a pawn.) Although disgusted by Raven's come-ons and revelation, Armstrong nevertheless plays along to convince Raven that nothing is amiss.

After the confrontation with Sloth, Raven appears and has a crew retrieve the homunculus with the intent of sealing him back in the tunnel. He tells the homunculus to continue digging the tunnel on the orders of Pride and orders the crew to cement the opening. Armstrong deduces that Raven seeks to hurry this goal lest he should die before Father's plan comes to fruition. Having the information she needs, Armstrong draws her sword and kills Raven, knocking him into the cement to be buried with it. Before succumbing to his wounds and sinking into the cement, Raven questions why she would reject immortality when it's presented to her.


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