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Lieutenant Tennant is a recurring antagonist of the Disney XD series Milo Murphy's Law. He is a government agent who serves as the right-hand man to Colonel Niblet.

He was voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.


The Note

Lieutenant Tennant first appeared in the episode overseeing the return of famed astronaut Wilson getting a parade after returning from a space mission. When Wilson starts to freak out of not getting a hamburger, Niblet decides to have Wilson disintegrated just like he did with the other astronauts, but Tennant convinces him to let Wilson go out peacefully so that he can get a hamburger. Following the accidental disintegration of crossing guard Elliot Decker (in front of Milo Murphy and his friends), Niblet eventually had him and the other astronauts reintegrated on a sidewalk, leaving them dumbfounded of what happened to them.

Family Vacation

Tennant is briefly seen flying a helicopter with Niblet as they are assigned to abduct cows. However, they mistook the Murphy family's RV for a cow, and upon realizing their mistake, rather than safely put the RV back into the road, Niblet instead orders Tennant to dump the RV into the Colorado River, putting Milo's family in danger. Fortunately, Milo's dog Diogee came by to the rescue, saving both the Murphys (and another family called the Brulees) from further peril.

Now I Am a Murphy

It was revealed that Tennant was involved in capturing a normal grizzly bear cub (known as the Cyborg Bear) and implanted him with cybernetic armor so that he can serve tasks for them. Unfortunately, they made a terrible mistake programming him into killing any man in sight as the Cyborg Bear broke out of its cage. Upon seeing that the Cyborg Bear escaped, Tennant obliges to Niblet's order to retreat from the area.

Tennant last seen flying his helicopter with Niblet until the Cyborg Bear is popped into the chopper's windshield by a geyser. Panicking, Niblet orders Tennant to use the windshield wipers to shove the Cyborg Bear off the helicopter before they make an escape.


Tennant is assigned to pilot a drone as he spots a plane (flown by former time agents Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota) holding a banner saying "Please don't litter on our planet!". Tennant tried to explain what the banner is reading, but Niblet is too busy cooking popcorn. However, the drone gets briefly snagged on a parachute held by Milo and his friends Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase just as the agents' base blows up.

Believing that Balthazar and Cavendish are responsible for destroying the base, Niblet furiously orders Tennant to shoot their plane down, unaware of the fact that a tower fell into an ammo storage building due to going past its expiration date, which set off the range of explosions that destroyed the base in the first place. Using the drone, Tennant shoots out lasers at the plane, inadvertently cutting off the kids' parachute and sending them to fall. Fortunately, Cavendish and Dakota saved the kids by giving them their banner as a spare parachute while Tennant rams the drone into the plane's propeller, sending the plane to crash at two warehouses (though both Cavendish and Dakota miraculously survived unscathed). Despite the event, Cavendish takes immediate delight that he and Dakota are in the agents' radar and considered them to be rivals that he must take down.


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