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Wahyu is the secondary antagonist in The Raid: Redemption.

He was portrayed by indonesian actor Pierre Gruno.


He was the Police Lieutenant of Jakarta until it was later revealed that he was the one who set up the deal to kill their true target Tama Riyadi, the movie's Main Antagonist, later on Wahyu confronted Tama with Dagu and managed to arrest him but after doing so, Wahyu retains his matters into his own hands by betraying Dagu and killing him before taking Tama hostage as a device that will allow him to escape but as he attempts to do so, Tama taunts Wahyu by revealing that his higher corrupt cops had send Wahyu here so that he will be killed, in relation Wahyu kills Tama and, feeling panicked over Tama's taunt, attempts to kill himself but discovered that the gun was empty handed and in the movie's climax, Wahyu is arrested by Rama and Bowo.


In The Raid 2, Wahyu returns as a minor character, where after several hours in the first film, Tama's words, were in fact true, because as Bowo went to hospital, Bunawar had Wahyu killed by execution, Wahyu's death made Rama furious and panicked but Bunawar manages to calm him down and says that Wahyu was a dead man anyway before his body is taken away.


  • Wahyu returns as a minor character before his death in The Raid 2.
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