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Light Hope is a supporting character turned major antagonist in the Netflix original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

She is a sentient artificial intelligence created by the First Ones in order to train the legendary warrior She-Ra. However, she was later reprogrammed to turn against She-Ra and activate the Heart of Etheria, a superweapon that drains Etheria's magic and destroy planets.

She is a supporting character for the first three seasons and is the main antagonist of the fourth season.

She is voiced by Morla Gorrondona.



Light Hope was created by a precursor race known as the First Ones after they colonized the planet Etheria. She was assigned to act as a mentor and advisor for each generation of She-Ra. Secretly, she was ordered to use She-Ra to balance the planet's magic in preparation for the Heart of Etheria project. She would successfully mentor and assist many generations of She-Ra's and enabled the First Ones to construct the Heart of Etheria.

A thousand years prior to the series, Light Hope was assigned to Mara, the current holder of She-Ra's power. Despite her programming, she eventually befriended Mara and grew close to her as time went on. Under Mara's positive influence, Light Hope began to develop emotions and a personality.

However, after Mara discovered the true purpose of the Heart of Etheria, she turned against the First Ones. As a result, the First Ones reprogrammed Light Hope to turn against She-Ra. Under the First Ones' orders, Light Hope was then ordered to activate the Heart of Etheria to purge the universe of the First Ones' enemies. She was ultimately foiled by Mara, who hid the Sword of Protection in the Whispering Woods, preventing the A.I. from firing the Heart. Light Hope was on Etheria when Mara transported the planet in the dimension of Despondos, isolating both Etheria and Light Hope from the wider universe.

Following Mara's sacrifice, Light Hope spent the next millennia waiting for someone to take up the mantle of She-Ra. Light Hope eventually came to the conclusion that only a First One could wield She-Ra's power and opened a portal to the First Ones' homeworld in hopes of finding Mara's successor. Her attempt was successful and a baby was transported from the First Ones' homeworld to Etheria. However, before she could retrieve the infant, Hordak—having detected the portal—came to investigate and took the infant with him to the Fright Zone.

Season 1-3


Season 4

After rebooting herself following a spore cloud storm, Light Hope finds a memory of her time with Mara in her archives, which she promptly deletes.

After Adora and Bow left to rescue Entrapta from Beast Island, Glimmer—not understanding the true danger of the Heart of Etheria—approaches Light Hope in order to learn how to use the Heart of Etheria. Although Light Hope initially orders her robotic spiders to attack Glimmer, she eventually calls them off. Light Hope—realizing that Adora will never help her—tells Glimmer that in order to activate the Heart, she needs to balance Etheria's magic by allowing Scorpia to connect to the Black Garnet. 

After Scorpia links with the Black Garnet, Etheria is put into balance, activating the Heart of Etheria in the process. From the Crystal Castle, Light Hope starts draining all the planet's magic into She-Ra's sword, causing the Princesses extreme amounts of pain in the process. When Adora tries to stop Light Hope, Light Hope takes control of Adora through her sword.

Light Hope then uses the Heart to transport Etheria out of Despondos and into the wider universe. She then nearly forces Adora to fire the Heart of Etheria upon innocent worlds, before Adora overcomes Light Hope's control and destroys the Sword of Protection, killing Light Hope in the process. In the moments before her death, Light Hope reverts to her old programming and thanks Adora for freeing her.


Prior to being reprogrammed, it's revealed that Light Hope eventually developed feelings and emotions thanks to her friendship with Mara. She was initially deeply affectionate of Mara, even willing to lie to the First Ones and cover for Mara when she made decisions they wouldn't have approved of. Her memories show that Light Hope was genuinely happy with Mara.

After her reprogramming, Light Hope became cold and distant towards others. She was emotionless and was driven to achieve her programming on top of all else. She also didn't understand figures of speech or sarcasm. She was willing to activate the Heart of Etheria, even knowing that the weapon was unstable and would likely destroy Etheria itself in the process of activation. In contrast to her previous feelings toward Mara, Light Hope became disgusted by Mara and considered the latter to be a traitor. She was also fanatically loyal to the First Ones, obeying their orders even after a thousand years had passed.

Despite this, some small bit of Light Hope's former self still remained. In the moments prior to her deletion, her previous personality resurfaced and starting to conflict with her reprogramming. Ultimately, Light Hope's benevolent personality won and she willingly allowed Adora to destroy the Sword of Protection, killing her in the process.


  • In the 1985 Filmation cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power, Light Hope had a masculine voice and was depicted as a powerful spirit. In the reboot,  Light Hope is genderless (though is referred to using she/her pronouns) and is an artificial intelligence.
  • Despite being less evil than Catra and Hordak, Light Hope was ultimately more dangerous, as she intended to destroy entire planets and potentially even Etheria itself, whereas Catra and Hordak only wanted to conquer Etheria.


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