Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the villainous protagonist of the 2015 television series Death Note.

He was portrayed by Masataka Kubota.


Light is an university student who hates crimes and injustice, when an old classmate taunted him and his friends. After discovering a mysterious black notebook which claim to be able to kill anyone he decides to test it.

After killing his former tormentor with the notebook as a test, Light becomes horrified, but after meeting with Ryuk who pressured him to kill criminals, Light become as known as Kira, a vigilante who is seen as a god by many followers include Misa Amane whom Light was fan and become his girlfriend.

Light Yagami grew up to a happy childhood with his family, which included a close bond with his mother until she was diagnosed with terminal illness. While Light and his sister, Sayuri, were beside her for his mother's last hours, his father Soichiro Yagami was a policeman chased a criminal named Kuro Otoharada.

Light's father had rushed to see his wife after doing so, only find it was too late - she had passed away and the relationship between father and son strained as Soichiro tried best to raise his children as a single father. Sayuri took care of herself by cooking and cleaning. Light studied in high school, where he was helpless as he watched his best friend Kamoda getting bullied by seniors led by Sakota.

Eventually, he graduated from high school. Light wanted to be a lawyer and defended some innocent against criminals until Sakota tracked down Light and Kamora demanded money after they left for work. While walking Light finds a notebook called Death Note and read the rules of book. He only write Sakota's name at first, which later he learns about Sakota's death.

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