The Light of Destruction, known as the Light of Ruin in the Japanese anime, is the main antagonist in second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It is a malevolent extraterrestrial being whose ultimate goal in the Japanese version has been described as destroying all life in the universe.


The Light of Destruction is an extremely vile and destructive being that enjoys the annihilation of all life in the universe. It believes that it is justified for its actions in causing destruction across the universe because it believes that destruction is normal. The Light is adamant that its goals will always prevail and is arrogant. When it possess or corrupts someone, the individual's personality becomes as sadistic and malicious as the Light of Destruction itself.



Many millennia ago before mankind existed, there was a white hole in space that releases a lot energy that includes the Light of Destruction. As soon as the Light reached Earth, it brought upon a lot devastation and chaos. As time passes, it would possess one victim and move onto other victims like The D and later Sartorius. The Light of Destruction was also responsible for corrupting Yubel turning her psychotic in the process when Jaden released her into space to test the new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in space.

Society of Light

At the Duel Academy, while manipulating Sartorius, it managed to gather a group of students including Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa (who were possessed the light itself from their defeat by Chazz also got defeat by Sartorius) and created a cult known as the Society of Light to worship it. It also allowed the brainwashed people to take control of most of the island such as turning the Obelisk Blue dorm white. The Light of Destruction later got hold of a satellite that is capable of exterminating all life on Earth. It later continues to possess other people like Prince Ojin before it was defeated and sealed away in a duel against Jaden and Aster. With its defeat Sartorius and all others who were under its control were released.


  • Despite its defeat at the end of Season 2 in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, The Light of Destruction continues to exist as there is a white hole that continues to release it into the universe.
  • According to Yubel, Jaden was destined to destroy the Light of Destruction alongside her.


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