What's with this audience? Haven't they seen stiff and wooden performances before?
~ Lil' Acorn

Lil' Acorn is a one-shot villain in the animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. Lil' Acorn was a puppet robot built by Dr. Wakeman to entertain people. Lil' Acorn makes his debut appearance in Puppet Bride seeking revenge against Dr. Wakeman and trying to make Jenny his bride.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Bubble Bass, Bossk, Perry the Platyborg among others.



Dr. Wakeman built Lil' Acorn in her youth during a class of science, but later she would develop an interest in talent shows. After several failed attempts, she got the idea of making her robot from the class of science a string puppet she could use to entertain people. However, Lil' Acorn grew progressively more self-absorbed and abusive towards Dr. Wakeman believing he deserved more attention than her. Lil' Acorn abandoned Wakeman and made the show alone, but was quickly booed by the audience, being deemed as a freak by the people who immediately chased after him. He got lost in the forest where he ran out of batteries and remained there until the present day.


Lil' Acorn was found by a kid years later who brought him home and put him new batteries. He immediately escaped and started his revenge on Dr. Wakeman whom he blames for his misfortune in the past. He stalks Dr. Wakeman in an alley who recognizes him and seeks for Jenny, Brad and Tuck's help. Eventually, Lil' Acorn traps in a room and tries to kill her, but Jenny hears her mother's calls for help and comes in. The evil puppet falls in love upon seeing the teenage robot and both engage in a fight.

After being outmatched by Jenny, Lil' Acorn calls his minions to fight Jenny who is overpowered by the horde of puppets and left unconscious. Lil' Acorn orders his henchman to prepare Jenny for their wedding and prepares to put her a ring device that would allow him to brainwash Jenny just like he did with the other puppets, but he is stopped in time by Dr. Wakeman who manages to deactivate him.

Lil' Acorn is last seen happily in the forest again living with Lucretia the female sockpuppet to hang out left by Nora.


  • Lil' Acorn is a possible reference to Slappy the Dummy from R.L. Stein's Goosebumps as both are evil ventriloquist dummies with henchman under their control to accomplish their evil deeds.
  • One of Lil' Acorn's minions is Pinocchio from the Disney animated film Pinocchio.


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