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Lilith is a minor antagonist in Dragalia Lost. Part of the Sinister Dominion, she is a demon who had been sealed inside of a replica of Ramiel, whom she had corrupted into essentially becoming her.


Her prison, known as Fallen Angel Ramiel, looks like Ramiel like Otherworld Ramiel did, but unlike those two, Fallen Angel Ramiel has a red and white color scheme.

Lilith herself also has a red and white color scheme and bares an appearance of a fallen angel.


Long ago, there was a war between angels and demons. The angels came out on top and sealed the demons away in vessels.

Many years later though, the vessel that Lilith was sealed away in succumbed to her power and became an extension of her with a desire to release her.

Under her influence, Fallen Angel Ramiel starts causing havoc across Grastaea, spreading Miasma throughout the land and causing people to go insane. When the Halidom party find themselves attacks by seem civilians under his influence, Ramiel and Nevin arrive to alert them of a demon.

Upon which, the hunt down Fallen Angel Ramiel and engage him in battle. However, as the fight progresses, Fallen Angel Ramiel reveals his intention was for them to release the demon inside of him. Seeing how demented he is, the party agrees that they have to take Fallen angel Ramiel and Lilith both down. Eventually, Lilith manages to break free during the fight, and she further engages the heroes.

Faith Forsaken

Lilith joins her fellow archdemons in the attack on Grams where she aids Loki in releasing Satan.

When the apostles realize they need to subdue the five archdemons in order to get to him, they fight her while the other archdemons are fought by other Halidom party members. Eventually, the apostles reach Satan and seal him away, severing the Dominion's link to him and forcing them into retreat.


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