Night has descended upon your kingdom. It's mine now!
~ Lilith to the Celestial Realmers.
My pheromones don't work on you? How can that be? It's unacceptable! Next time, I'll conquer you before I take your kingdom!
~ Lilith before she escapes.

Lilith was a major antagonist that appeared in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She is a succubus who was the member of the Archwitches. She also serves as the main antagonist of the story event, Invaders! as she along with her minions, Barbatos and Gullveig, whom she made a deal with a long time ago decided to take over the Celestial Realm.

Following Ymir's defeat, she took over as one of the final antagonists alongside Rambha in The Tower of the Hiding Succubus Final Battle as they allied themselves with the Succubi to conquer the Celestial Realm and the rest of the world.



Not much was known of Lilith's background but it was revealed that she existed during the times in the Celestial Realm. Obsessed with the kingdom and consumed with greed, Lilith decides to make her plan of taking over the Celestial Realm for herself. She then came out from the dwelling and search for her ally to help them to take the entire kingdom.

Eventually, Lilith reached into the kingdom where the maiden named Gullveig lived. She then approached towards Gullveig as she sensed her selfishness before forming an alliance with her. In return, Gullveig gave her the Bewitching Attire which Lilith wore.


Lilith along with Gullveig, were first seen leading an army of Barbatos towards the town of the Celestial Realm. They attacked the townspeople in the town as the maidens of the Celestial Realm, which consisted of Archer, Aludra, Hacker, Lance, Scout, Fencer, Sage, Amethyst, and Painter led by Lonsday were called out to fend off the invasion. Although they manage to took out the Barbatos, they were suddenly attacked by Lilith and Gullveig as Lilith spread the pheromones towards the heroes, thus putting them under her control. She then proceeds to invade Gloomwood where she and Barbatos captured Nadia and Ursula, whom she brainwashed. 

Later, Lilith and her army attacked the Infernal Realm as Hecate and the army defended the place and Hades was then urged to go to Oracle and her allies and formed an alliance to stop Lilith.

However, Hecate was easily defeated by Lilith as the latter then placed her pheromones on Hecate and placed her under her control.


Lilith is the egotistical, power-hungry and egocentric succubus as she will do anything to conquer the Celestial Realm and eventually the entire world. She is also boastful and arrogant as she often underestimated her enemies which led to her defeat.

Despite serving Ymir, she does not show her loyalty to her leader as she undermined her rule and will take her opportunity to overthrow her and take over the other Archwitches.

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