Laylamon (known as Lilithmon in Digimon Xros Wars dub), is a minor villain in the Digimon series, and also one of the main antagonists in the first half of Digimon Xcros/Fusion. One of the Seven Great Demon Lords, the most powerful of all Demon-Lord and Fallen Angel type Digimon, she confounds her opponents with her bewitchingly lovely appearance while her right arm's "Nazar Nail" corrodes everything it touches.


Laylamon is a Mega-Level Digimon whose appearance is that of a pale woman with 2 gold horns and black hair, wearing purple robes resembling a demonic version of a feudal Japanese courtesan over a leather catsuit. The most dominant feature in Laylamon's appearance is the Nazar Nail covering her right arm. In her Darkness form, Laylamon wears a cape, has Vilemons on her chest and crotch, and weilds Blastmon's head like a mace as a weapon. In her Majuu form, she becomes a giant monster. Laylamon's eyes are purple, and has the rest of her body red. She has two monstrous feet, and Blastmon's head in the front, and his spikes surround Laylamon's monstrous body.


Laylamon is somehow nasty. She will not hesitate to take what is hers. Laylamon is very murderous, like when she killed the SkullScorpiomon leader after he sent her a failed message, and she almost killed Reapmon with her poisonous claws.


Digimon World Data Squad

Laylamon is one of the members of Seven Great Demon Lords. She was created by a person that contained lust and the Code Key of Lust. She was eventually defeated by DATS.

Digimon Fusion

In Digimon Fusion (but not the japanese version, Digimon Xros Wars), Lilithmon is refered to as Laylamon. As one of the Three Generals of the Bagra Army, Laylamon first made her existence known to the Fusion Fighters when they arrived at the Lake Zone area she was in the process of conquering. She she used a mirror to manipulate Akari into stealing the Lake Zone Code Crown for her, it resulted with her being scarred by Akari. Losing her cool over it, Laylamon force the fusion of Daipenmon with the frozen IceDevimon to enact her revenge before being driven off by Shoutmon X4K. Laylamon later confonts Xros War at the Sand Zone, revealing that he sent Ebemon to wiped out the Goddess's Warriors save Reapmon. Learning the truth behind his sect's destruction, Reapmon attempted to attack her, but Laylamon mortally wounded him with Mikey Kudo saving him by allowing him to reformat into Beelzemon to help in the fight against Machinedramon. Laylamon later obtained a traveling companion in Damemon, unaware that he was the Twilight group's Tuwarmon until after Lord Bagra obtained the complete Code Crown with Twilight revealed to be a branch of the Bagra Army.

Fused Lilithmon

Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Fused).

Being the only active Bagra Army Officer left, despite the hard work she have done for Bagramon, Laylamon finds herself overshadowed by the Death Generals as she is transfered to Twilight to be of service to its human general Ewan Amano along with the bodiless Blastmon and his Vilemon minions. Though Ewan's Fusion Loader, Laylamon can fuse with Blastmon and the Vilemon to assume a fighting form to aid Twilight in their fights with the Xros Heart United Army.

Later on, while the Fusion Fighters were trapped in Hell’s Field, Beelzemon confronts Laylamon and fights her while trying to protect Mervamon against her. He managed to apparently defeat her, but at a price, Beelzenon received a wound from the fight.

Lilithmon Blastmon

Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Monster).

It turns out that Laylamon and Blastmon survived their fight with Beelzemon and were almost killed (but the Vilemon were deleted from the fight with Beelzemon), Whispered eventually force fuses Laylamon and Blastmon to become a giant monster and begins to destroy zones in the underworld in an attempt to keep the Fusion Fighters from leaving and destroy them. She attacks Beelzemon, Mervamon and Cutemon, trying to destroy them. But in the end, Shoutmon X7 dive bombs on Laylamon, and Beelzemon sacrificed himself to kill her while the Fusion Fighters escaped.

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Laylamon is a member of the Twilight Army. She was absorbed by DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Blastmon) and became, DarkKnigtmon Darkness Mode (Laylamon).


  • Phantom Pain: Rots the opponent's body with a sigh of darkness, causing the data to dissipate from the tips of their bodies, and they suffer from that pain as they die.
  • Nazar Nail: Corrodes anything it touches with the Nazar Nail.
  • Darkness Love: Summons an eldritch, hand-shaped monstrosity which annihilates the opponent.
  • Empress Embrace: ?
  • Evil Sigh: ?




  • As one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Lilithmon represents the sin of lust.
  • Lilithmon's Japanese voice actress, Houko Kuwashima also voiced both Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater) and Cirucci Sanderwicci (Bleach).
  • In the Digimon Dictionary, It is thought that Lilithmon was originally an Ofanimon (Ophanimon), but she fell from heavenly grace and eventually became known as the "Goddess of Darkness".


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