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You're bared!
~ Lillian's rude motto to Weatherfield's beloved customers.

Lillian Spencer is a fictional character and a noteworthy antagonist in the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. She merely appeared as a minor antagonist in July 2002 amid the storyline where she has a relationship with pub landlord Fred Elliot and antagonizes his neighborhood with her snobby attitude before striving to takeover The Rovers Return Inn.

She is portrayed by Maureen Lipman, who currently plays the character Evelyn Plummer ever since she came back to the serial sixteen years later.


First appearing in Weatherfield in July 2002, Lillian Spencer turned out to be an old friend of pub landlord Fred Elliot from The Rovers Return Inn. They instantly reconciled whereas Lillian almost instantly clashed with Fred's barmaid Shelly Unwin and her colleague Genna Gregory. Nevertheless, Fred was keen to recruit Lillian as a replacement of former co-owner Duggie Ferguson following the latter's death at the hands of his villainous business partner Richard Hillman a few months ago.

However, on Lillian's first day in the pub, she quickly outraged the community with her snobbish attitude and what there was to come. This began when she insisted on serving local businessman Mike Baldwin, and at one point was doing so when he brought over his arch-rival Ken Barlow and their friend Audrey Roberts to have a drink. Thereupon fellow neighbour Norris Cole entered the pub amid his preparation for the Commonwealth Games. While detailing how he intents to win the event, Norris unwittingly gets his outfit messed up from the drinks and confronts Lillian about it. Lillian responds by calling Norris "an atrocious man dressed up like some punk rocker". Norris continues to argue with her about this until Lillian, having had enough, impulsively barns Norris from the pub. Many of the punters are outraged by Norris' unwarranted treatment, but Fred believes that Norris must have done something to upset Lillian.

Moments later, Norris' longtime companion Rita Fairclough enters the pub for a drink with Audrey. The pair talk about Lillian's attitude, which eventually catches her attention as she comes over to confront them about it. Rita scolds Lillian for her behavior and states that people merely come over to The Rovers to have drinks and socialize. Lillian, though, rebuffs this and accuses Rita of being jealous over her and Fred - to which Rita disregards. In response, Lillian surprisingly barns Rita as well.

The following day, Lillian invites her children Timothy and Danielle to live in the pub and help work in the pub. This involves replacing experienced barman Jack Duckworth from his job. However, her children prove to be inexperienced and it soon becomes clear that Lillian is trying to takeover the pub. Even Fred realizes this when Shelley and Genna threaten to quit unless Lillian leaves. Moreover, at the time where Norris worries that his roommate Emily Bishop will potentially become Richard's next murdered victim, he again clashes with Lillian when she enters into his shop. Norris bars her for banning him from the pub.

Just as it seems that Lillian and all the trouble that she and her children are causing look set to continue, she receives a phone call on a better offer for her pub management. She takes it and leaves with her children, though not before Fred parts with her on mutual terms whereas the rest of the street are pleased to see Lillian out of Weatherfield for good.



  • She only appeared in 6 episodes in July 2002.