Lilliput Gooney

Lilliput Gooney is an antagonist in the episode "Getting Antsy" from the Disney animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


As the owner of a miniature golf course, Lilliput made a strange hat which allowed him to communicate with and control ants, as well as a shrink ray. He decided to turn all building of St. Cannard into decorations of his gold course while commanding his ants to steal all the money on them.

Drake Mallard, who had taken Gosalyn and Launchpad to the golf to play, recognizes the shrunk Hamburger Hippo with Launchpad's scarf which he had forgotten, so he changes into his Darkwing Duck persona to investigate, but Lilliput uses his shrink ray on him, making him as small as the ants, while ordering the ants to capture him. He manages to escape the ants and get Gosalyn's attention, but when the heroes confront Lilliput, he shrinks Darkwing even more, to the size of a germ.

Darkwing defeats Lilliput by befriending two germs and infecting him, as Gosalyn uses the ray to turn Darkwing back to his original size.

Lilliput cameoed in the episode "Time and Punishment" as one of the villains Darkwing crushed with his anvil in Launchpad's exposition of how Darkwing became Darkwarrior. 

Lilliput appeared once more in the comic "Campaign Carnage" as a member of Suff-Rage's League of Barely-Remembered Supervillains, where he attacked Darkwing by shooting at him with his shrink ray.  He was wrapped up in a stage curtain and revealed to have been an illusion created by Suff-Rage, like the rest of the League.  


The way Lilliput is defeated may be a reference to how Madam Mim is defeated in Disney's The Sword in the Stone, where Merlin also defeats Madam Mim by transforming himself into a germ and making her sick, including a very similar color scheme on both villains to show that they're sick.


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