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The Lilliputtians (lil-li-putt-tians) are the main antagonists of the episode "The Golf War" of Gravity Falls. They are small humanoids who secretly run the Gravity Falls Royal Discount Putt Hutt. There are several distinct factions among them, including Dutch and French nationalities and pirates.


Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines first encounter the Dutch variety creatures in "The Golf War" when they break into the golf course after hours to attend Mabel's tournament with Pacifica Northwest. When the people offer Mabel their help, things end up out of control.


Each lilliputtian has a head resembling a golf ball, and a disproportionately small humanoid body. They wear clothing, and some have hair, including the facial variety. Each person has a single color motif, with seven hues including: red, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink and purple.




The lilliputtians of the 18th hole live in a Dutch windmill themed course. They are primarily blue, green, yellow, and pink pastel colored; and blonde. They wear traditional Dutch garb including wooden clogs. The boys have blond bob cuts and blushing cheeks, and the girls have twin braids.

The leader, Franz, is voiced by Patton Oswalt.

The pirate captain insults them as "tulip munchers" because the Dutch are well known for their tulips.


The lilliputtians of the 8th hole live on a pirate ship. They use miniature swords as weapons, and are in fact the only Lilluputtians that have anything other than golf pencils as a weapon. The pirate captain is voiced by Jim Cummings.


The lilluputtians who live in the Eiffel Tower hole are dressed as stereotypical French men. They are primarily bright pink, red, and green colored with emphasized lips. They have black mustaches and a goatee, wear black and white striped turtlenecks with a red ascot, and a beret. They speak with thick French accents and even seem to know some French even if they don't understand it.


The lilliputtians who live in the castle hole are all knights. With the exception of the head knight, none of their features are visible. They wear metal armor that covers them from head to toe and a helmet that covers their face with red tassels.


These Lilliputtian faction lives in the Water Tower on a golf course. True to their faction name they wear cowboy hats and mustaches. They are green, yellow or orange in colors.


These Lilliputtians wear miner's suits with helmets, gloves and boots. They have a working mine underground. Most of them are orange, green, or blue in colors. This faction is the only one to have an abnormally large member called Big Henry.

Notable Lilliputtians

  • Franz
  • Big Henry
  • Polly
  • Pirate captain
  • Head knight


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