If you see this face, RUN!

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Lily is a Fairy who is a tragic villainess in the comic Felarya.

Character description

She is a Flora Fairy who at first glance seems pleasant to be with. She is hyperactive, and does things without thinking first. However, she is shown to possess unstoppable rage, and only acts this way towards a human.

Lily was forced to watch a group of human adventurers torture her sister to death. They cut her sisters' wings off, which is a bad thing because it drains a fairy's powers, and there was also the  fact that she wasn't a threat to them, and they did it for sadistic kicks. She then eats them. This misanthropy is so powerful, that it seems that she is resistant to any amount of reconsideration that others give her. This hatred of humanity, however, severed her friendship with Crisis after she tried to murder Lea, a human.

This Flora Fairy has the ability to produce vines from any part of her body which she uses to suck the vital energy out of the humans that she hunts, in contrast to other Fairies that simply devour a human. She enjoys hunting and killing humans.

Deep down, she is a misunderstood Fairy.