Lime and Light are a team of twin sisters in the DC Universe, and enemies towards Green Arrow.


Both Light and Lime criminals that have the ability to generate light. They wanted to seek fame, as well as make their names known. When the two were committing crimes in Seattle, they came across Green Arrow. Green Arrow managed to defeat the duo and the two were sent to prison.

Sometime later, Lime and Light were recruited by Amanda Waller to join her Suicide Squad. The two accepted and they performed various missions. One of them included capturing Harley Quinn after she escaped from Arkham. However, the two ended up getting surrounded by the GCPD. Lime decided to turn herself in and tell the GCPD about Task Force X. However, Waller activated a nanobomb in Lime's neck, blowing up her head, killing her. Light witnessed her sister die. This was also a 'message' for her that leaving Suicide Squad is not an option.

Later on, Light was assigned, along with Deadshot, to capture the Resurrection Man. She frequently explained to Deadshot on how much she hated Waller and was planning to kill her for the death of her sister. After failing to capture the Resurrection Man, it was implied that Deadshot killed Light by using her body to block an energy blast from Shelly and left her body in an empty cave. He then proclaimed that if anyone was going to kill Waller it would be him.

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