Linbani is a minor antagonist in the 2018 Marvel film Black Panther. He is a former black-ops operative turned criminal who works for Ulysses Klaue.

He was portrayed by David S. Lee.


Linbani, alongside Erik Killmonger and Linda, is a member of Klaue's criminal organization. As part of Klaue's plan to steal Vibranium from a museum in Great Britain, Linbani disguised himself as a paramedic to enter the museum while Linda disguises herself as a barista to poison the musuem curator, allowing Linbani, Erik and Klaue to kill everyone, steal the vibranium and escape in an ambulance.

After Klaue had been captured by Black Panther in Busan while trying to sell the vibranium, Erik initiates a successful plan to free Klaue from custody by having both Linbani and Linda hack the cameras of the building that Klaue was being held in and place explosive charges outside the wall of the interrogation room. After freeing Klaue, the group escapes to an old junkyard, where a plane is waiting for them.

As Limbani is loading the plane with the stolen Vibranium, Erik reveals that their destination is going to be Wakanda, something which both Klaue and Limbani weren't expecting as they have no intention to go to Wakanda. To that end, Erik draws a gun and shoots Limbani, killing him. After killing Linbani, Erik finishes off Linda and Klaue as well, intending to use Klaue's corpse to gain entry to Wakanda as part of his true plan to overthrow the Wakandan kingdom for himself in revenge for his father's death.


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