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Linda Walker

Linda Walker is a minor antagonist in the Chick Tract "Lisa".


Linda was the wife of the tract's protagonist Henry, and she had to get a job for herself because of her husband's drinking problem. However, that is only at the surface. In reality, it turns out that Linda was well aware that her husband was molesting his daughter Lisa, and that he was selling her for profit. However, she did nothing to help make her situation any better nor did she even bother to call the police while she still could. As such, she contributes to a lot of the misery going on in the house because of her lack of concern.

Her job stressed her out so much that she hated herself, her daughter, and especially her husband. Her moments of anger would manifest several times. In her moment of anger, it is heavily implied (but not outright stated) that Linda severely beat her daughter for reasons unknown. When she realized that her husband repented of his sins, at first she was enraged, particularly because with him making amends with his daughter, he would no longer provide the family with money. However, she has an epiphany, and she apologized for being inattentive for a few weeks. She also apologizes to her daughter for not taking actions against her father, thereby being responsible for Linda developing an STD.

Because of their newfound faith, the family is able to clean themselves up, and they are last seen trying to make amends for their bad behavior.


  • Her excuse for not helping her daughter while she still could was that she was molested by her uncle when she was a child, and that she tried to pretend that nothing like that was going on in her house.


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