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We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.
~ A possessed Linda singing a nursery rhyme.
Hey Ash! I guess the card right!
~ Linda before being possessed in The Evil Dead.

Linda was Ash Williams' girlfriend. She appeared in The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness (in a flashback sequence to The Evil Dead II during the prologue). She serves as a major antagonist in the first film and the main antagonist in the first half of the second film.

She was portrayed by Betsy Baker in The Evil Dead, Denise Bixler in The Evil Dead II, and Bridget Fonda in Army of Darkness.


The Evil Dead

Linda before being possessed

Linda met Ash during his job at S-Mart, where she also worked (as revealed in a recap during Army of Darkness). They fell deeply in love and dated.

She came with Ash on a retreat to the woods in a cabin, along with Scotty, Shelly, Ash, and Cheryl. There, he gave her a silver necklace. He would later use this necklace to grab the Book of the Dead to destroy it and to turn back to human after becoming a deadite.

Things took a dark turn when one by one, they all fell into demonic possession after they played a tape with a chant that woke the demons. She was incapacitated during the first demon attack after being stabbed in the ankle with a pencil by Cheryl. She was bed-ridden and caused Ash not to follow Scotty on his attempt to hike out of the woods. She ultimately became a Deadite and taunted Ash before attempting to kill him.

Ash managed to stop her and buried her after not being able to bring himself to dismember her with a chainsaw. Ultimately, she rose from the ground and attacked Ash once more, but she seemed to die when Ash decapitated her with a shovel in a struggle.

The Evil Dead II

In The Evil Dead II, her death is shown again in a recap of the first film. Although, it was shown here that Linda was still not "dead". In a supposed dream sequence, she resurfaced and danced with her severed head, before attacking Ash through the window. Ash wakes up, thinking her rising was a dream, but her head then falls in his lap.

Her head bites his hand and won't let go. Ash gets to the work shed and manages to get her head off his hand. As he looks for the chainsaw while her head pleads with him, her headless body enters and immediately attacks Ash with the chainsaw. Ash defeats her body and proceeds to destroy her head by cutting it with a chainsaw, finally killing her for good.