Linda Davis

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Linda Davis is the main antagonist in the 2009 film Madea Goes To Jail.

She was portrayed by Ion Overman.


Linda was a district attorney who was the fiancée of the film's protagonist Joshua Hardaway, we first see her, Hardaway and members of their wedding party along with other attorneys reviewing Madea's case and she and her maid of honor are disgusted by Madea's first mugshoot as a nine year old girl but she was able to get Madea off by telling the judge that the officers failed to mirandize her, Josh later gives her the case of his childhood friend Candace "Candy" Washington to prosecute because of her being a friend of his.

Things start to get ugly when Josh takes Candy out to eat, Josh introduces Linda and her maid of honor Tanya to Candence. Linda gets jealous and fears Josh may be cheating on her. Although Josh tries to assure her that he is only trying to help an old friend, Linda tells him that it was Candace's own fault for being who she is and that he should only socialize with a higher class of people. Josh, however, keeps helping Candace anyway, to the points of rescuing her from a pimp and later finding her strung out at his front door, bringing her into his home on both occasions to spend the night. When Linda finds out, she gets furious and threatens to leave him unless he puts Candace out of his life permanently. Conversely, Candace sees right through Linda upon meeting her and tells Josh that it will never work between them since they are too different: Josh actually cares about helping anyone he sees in trouble no matter their class, while Linda is a shallow and spoiled brat who considers people who have a lower status than her as inferior.

One day, Josh's best friend/best man Chuck catches Linda falsifying Candy's court documents and others to win previous cases she prosecuted, but she blackmails him by threatening to tell the head district attorney that he cheated on his bar exam.

But feeling guilty that Candace, Madea and other people were imprisoned because of Linda, Chuck (out of guilt and in spite of getting in trouble with the head ADA) told Josh anyway and Josh reveals the truth in front of their wedding guests including their boss, the mayor and the governor and leaves Linda at the altar. He later fights and succeeds for getting Linda indicted for falsifying Candace, Madea and 5 other women's cases which led to their release from prison and Linda's eventual indictment, arrest, trial and imprisonment at the end of the film.

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