Linda Ferguson is a major antagonist in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, finding herself the main antagonist in Season 7, a major antagonist in Season 6 behind the Denning Sisters, a supporting antagonist in Season 4 and an anti-villain Season 5.  She was initially introduced as the head of purchasing for Management & Correction Corp, a for-profit prison company which takes over Litchfield Penitentiary in Season 3, and is later promoted to Vice President of Strategic Planning.

She was portrayed by Beth Dover.


When introduced, Linda is shown to have medium length black hair and to dress seemingly always in business attire. When posing as an inmate in FDC Cleveland, her head is shaved following a pest infestation, resulting in her purchasing a toupee longer than her natural hair. Linda presents herself well, and, as pointed out by Piper Chapman, has good posture.


Linda is manipulative and shown to be competent in her job at saving MCC money and is eager to climb the corporate ladder. She is shown to be cold and uncaring about the Litchfield prisoners' well-being, repeatedly putting the finances of Litchfield above all else. In season four, she stuns Caputo by forcing Crystal Burset off Caputo's property at gunpoint, after Crystal attempts to get information on her wife Sophia's status in the SHU. Linda also changes the classes for the prisoners that Caputo advocated for, from core skills classes like English and Math to vocational 'classes', which are later revealed to net free labor for MCC, under the guise of providing education. It is eventually revealed that she has never actually set foot in a real prison, despite the nature of her job because she didn't think it was necessary.  When she is trapped in the Litchfield in Season 5, she is shocked at the prison's low standards of living and fits right in with the other inmates as Amelia Von Barlow. Her lighter side is seen when she begins a genuine relationship with Big Boo. This is cut short when Boo finds out that "Von Barlow" is actually Linda, and is then attacked and belittled by the angry inmates as revenge for playing a part in Litchfield's poor conditions.  After a traumatic 3-day stay at FDC Cleveland in which her hair was shaved in a lice check, her personality drastically shifts, making a complete degradation from the prior season. In Season 6 and Season 7, Linda expresses high levels of apathy for the MCC's prisons, is greedy and corrupt to the core. The only thing she truly cares about is the bottom line, and she shows no remorse when terminating Ward, allowing an extremely abusive and corrupt incompetent guard like Hellman to become Warden. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Manipulation - Linda demonstrates the skill of manipulation to obtain a promotion and a high pay rise following her being caught up in a riot in LItchfield Penitentiary.


Hey, I purchased that Baton!
~ Linda to Janae after being assaulted during the riot.


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