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Lindsey: Oh my god! What else can this thing do?!
Jason: Yeah, forget the buyer! With this thing, we'll make way more money than what he was paying by stealing the vault and everything in it!
Lindsey: For once, Jason, you read my mind.
~ Lindsey and Jason deciding to take Robotnik's control glove for themselves.

Lindsey and Jason are minor antagonists in the comic Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill, appearing as the central antagonists of the story "Hedgehog Day Afternoon". They are a pair of bank robbers hired by Agent Stone to steal one of Dr. Robotnik's control gloves, running afoul of Sonic the Hedgehog in the process.


At some point prior to the story, Lindsey and Jason were contacted by Dr. Robotnik's former assistant Agent Stone and hired to steal one of Robotnik's control gloves from the First bank of Walla Walla in Walla Walla, Washington. Alongside two other thugs, Jason storms the bank and takes its staff and customers hostage. He then turns his gun on Lindsey, who arrived at the bank pretending to be a customer, and "forcefully" takes her to the vault. He begins to loot through the safe deposit boxes, and obtains Robotnik's control glove, plotting to cause some mayhem before he turns it over to their client.

News of the hostage situation at the bank spreads, reaching the vacationing Tom Wachowski and Wade Whipple, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog. While Jason attempts to get the glove to work, Sonic arrives at the bank and meets Lindsey, believing her to be a hostage. As Sonic claims that he can stop the robbers, Lindsey tells him that Jason is still inside the vault. Once Sonic enters the vault, Lindsey knocks him unconscious with her taser, and lambasts Jason for being unable to get the glove to work, before calling an unidentified Agent Stone to inform him of the situation. Hearing about Sonic, Stone offers to pay the duo extra for Sonic's delivery, to which Lindsey complies.

Jason successfully activates the glove, and summons a group of Robotnik's Badniks to steal the entire vault, Sonic included. Seeing the Badniks' capabilities, Lindsey and Jason immediately decide to ignore Stone's orders and take the glove for themselves. However, Sonic manages to dislodge the Badniks by spinning the vault with his running and free himself from the vault, much to their dismay. Sonic quickly dispatches of Jason and his thugs, while Tom destroys the Badniks outside. Lindsey attempts to sic the last remaining Badnik upon Sonic, only for it to turn on her, hoisting her and the glove into the air. Sonic detains Jason and the thugs for the police and prepares to follow the Badnik, only to save Lindsey from falling instead. Lindsey, Jason and their thugs are then arrested while the remaining Badnik delivers Robotnik's glove to Agent Stone.


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