Linus Maravel

Linus Maravel is a Temerian count and a candidate to Temerian throne after Foltest's death. He sits in the Council of Regents which was formed after the death of Foltest. He betrayed his fatherland to Nilfgaard by kidnapping Foltest's children Anais and Bussy, framing Baron Kimbolt in this. In exchange, Nilfgaard promised to back Maravel's claim to the thorne.

When he meets Geralt he politely tells he feels sorry for him because he was inhumanly tortured and gives him a clue that Kimbolt is behind the children's disappearance. If Geralt find evidences of Maravel's treason John Natalis arrests him.

Journal entry

Count Maravel belonged to that singular category of individuals who can strike a bargain with anyone, who are so pragmatic in their thinking that they can persuade, at least in part, even those most strongly opposed to their viewpoint. Maravel thoroughly enjoyed the game of Temerian politics. He was an active and reputedly highly effective player, in addition to being one of the country's most influential aristocrats. Much like Baron Kimbolt, he had grand ambitions, yet he held them in check and was much more ingenious and precise in pursuing his plans.
One of Maravel's more daring schemes involved kidnapping Foltest's children as they traveled to Loc Muinne in a convoy. I should add that the count had reached an agreement with the Nilfgaardians, promising to deliver Boussy and Anais to the Black Ones in exchange for their backing his claim to the Temerian throne. Though he wanted Temeria to be strong, he had committed treason.
Accusing him:
Having completed his investigation, Geralt concluded that Maravel was guilty of Boussy's death. The witcher gave the rogue up to John Natalis.
Not accusing him:
Although Geralt suspected that Maravel had committed many a despicable act, he decided that the count would not answer for Boussy's disappearance. Thus the nobleman remained an innocent man in John Natalis' eyes.


  • If the player decides to confront Maravel with his suspicions, Geralt has a vision in which Maravel orders his guards to kill the Witcher, mockingly asking why the hell Geralt decided to tell Maravel what he knew. Geralt then decides not to talk to Maravel.


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