George of the Jungle lifting a Lion
The Lion is a minor antagonist in George of the Jungle and a supporting antagonist in George of the Jungle 2. He started out as a typical non-sentient predator, briefly a friend of George in the sequel, then a straight up near successful usurper who only failed cause of a made-up trick to use on lions involving ears, cause George of the Jungle and the sequel didn't had the ability to be like most movies with evil lions and just kill them being a Disney film strongly aimed for kids (which is actually ironic since even the cartoon movies has killed both villains and some good guy characters and have no repercussions from mad parents or media ethnic groups).

George of the Jungle

The lion plays a very little part in this movie. He scares Lyle Van de Groot and confronts Ursula, until George swings to the rescue. Later, he is outsmarted by a troop of monkeys.

George of the Jungle 2

The lion has a much larger role in the sequel, and he speaks (or so the narrator provided), with the voice of the late Michael Clarke Duncan. He believes he should be king of the jungle (based on that of "The Lion King"), compared to the then irresponsible George. When George and his family leave for Las Vegas, the Mean Lion takes advantage of the situation and claims himself king of the Jungle, much to the animals horror. However he was so arrogant, he did not seem to care that the jungle kingdom was being threatened by bulldozers. He cages the Tookie Tookie Bird to prevent him from contacting George, but Tookie gets Shep the elephant to crush the cage and Tookie flies to Vegas to get George's help. In the climax, George was supposed to engage the Lion in a "big bone crushing fight for the kingdom," but the narrator reveals a trick that Ape taught George when they were kids. On Ape's cue to "go for the ear," George knocks the Lion out cold with an ear pinch. His final fate remains unknown afterwards.


  • In the sequel, he was voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan, who also played Nathaniel Broadman in The Last Mimzy.



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George of the Jungle lifting a Lion

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