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I am Lion-Mane! King of All Beasts! Chose by the Lion God to walk the plains in his image!
~ Lion-Mane

Lion-Mane is a DC Comics Super-villain and a long time archenemy of Hawkman.


New Earth

Before he became Lion-Mane, Edward Dawson was a archaeologist who found the mythical Mithra Meteorite. When he touched the item, he became Lion-Mane. Now hellbent to destroy humans, he was stopped by Hawkman, who destroyed the meteorite. However, Edward became Lion-Mane again after he touched another meteorite while carrying pieces of the original meteorite in his pocket. Once more, he was stopped by Hawkman, alongside Hawkwoman.

Prime Earth

In the Prime Earth timeline, it is unknown who this Lion-Mane is. However, he rose through the ranks to become a criminal warlord, selling diamonds, weapons, and drugs. Supposedly transformed by the Cult of Apedamak, he built a guarded palace for him and his family near his biggest mine.

He first made a appearance when Batwing attacked one of his mines, sending out lions to attack the hero. When that failed, he send out Shango, Qandisa, and Ngai, his three warrior brides, to take care of him. Although the three were bested, Lion-Mane managed to get the upper-hand for a small amount of time by overwhelming Batwing and getting through his gadgets, before being defeated by being hit by the Batmobile. As he was on a plane to be transferred, the Maranbuta took control of the aircraft. However, they failed to kill their target, Lion-Mane, who killed the terrorists.

Forever Evil

Lion-Mane made a appearance in this series as a member of the Cheetah's group by likely being brainwashed, judging by his more solitary criminal nature. He, among with the other members, attacked Steve Trevor and Killer Frost in Central Park. Attempting to eat a A.R.G.U.S member due to the group stopping his mine, he was stopped when Killer Frost killed Mäuschen, before freezing everyone else solid.


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