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Lira is Don Dolnero's right-hand woman and mistress, who is primarily with him because he has money and power, two things she adores. She is a supporting antagonist in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

She is portrayed by Asami Kuru.


She and Gien commandeered the Londerz Prison after Dolnero was captured and sent to it to be freeze compressed and incarcerated. With the prison under their control

The Londerz family escaped to the year 2000 to begin committing crimes there. However, they faced opposition in the form of the Mirai Sentai Timeranger, a team of time cadets who traveled to the past to pursue them.

Lira's Londerz Prisoners mostly focused on stealing valuables such as jewelry or money.

After Gien's insanity caused him to kill Dolnero, Lira grieved over his death and admitted that she loved him even if he didn't have money and power. She then went into her hiding and her fate is still unknown.


  • She is named after the currency of Turkey.

See also

  • Nadira - Power Rangers counterpart in Power Rangers Time Force.


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