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I know this is supposed to be a serious scene, but really, it's not. It's funny, in a black comedy sort of way.

The Little African Boy was the main protagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "The Little Sneak".

The Little Sneak

This tract takes place in an African country, possibly Uganda. A young man was then shown working in the fields for his boss, and then he gets paid for his hard work. Later on, the son of this man is shown looking at the bag that held the money longingly. All of a sudden, a demon comes to the young boy, and the demon convinces the boy to steal his parents' earnings.

The boy takes the money bag, and then buries it in the ground. Because of his actions, his parents could not pay the rent on their house, and they had to live under a bridge for the time being.

One day, a missionary converts the boy and his parents to Christianity. Feeling remorse for deceiving his parents, he shows his parents where he hid the bag, and they get their house back. When the boy was walking through the town, the demon from before spitefully strikes him down with lightning (which is also rather unintentionally hilarious), and the boy dies. However, the boy's soul is then taken into Heaven, and he ends up living in Paradise with his parents at his side. Presumably, they died as well.


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