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Little Bill Daggett is the main antagonist in the 1992 film Unforgiven. He is the cruel, manipulative and brutal sheriff of the town of Big Whiskey.

He was portrayed by Gene Hackman who also portrayed Lex Luthor in Superman and General Mandible in Antz.


Little Bill is a ruthless sheriff who uses any means necessary to keep crime away from his town, Big a Whiskey. He is abusive towards the prostitutes in his town and is particularly brutal with his enemies, as shown when he severely beats William Munny and English Bob. In both cases, they arrived in town to collect the bounty.  The Sheriff is shown to be a corrupt offiicial since he refused to grant justice to the harlots. He is also shown to be very arrogant as he talks very much to the reporter and cruel as he was ready to shoot a severly injured English Bob had he grabbed a weapon. 

Little Bill also vows to kill anybody who collects the bounty of the men who attacked one of the prostitutes. This shows he is very sexist as he refused to punish the men who scarred her. This is an example of selective enforcement of the law.  After hearing about the murders of both criminal men, he vows to exact revenge on William and his gang. He captures Ned and brutally whips him to answer where William is. Ned refused to tell him and as such, was killed. Although it is implied he never meant to kill Ned, he still celebrates by putting his body on display iin a casket, in a standing position outside the town bar. A sign was put across Ned that read 'this is what happens to assassins in our town.' 


After hearing of Ned's murder at the hands of Little Bill, Munny confronts the sheriff and his men in the saloon as he is gathering a possy. As Sheriff Little Bill was laying out his plans for capturing William and the rest of his gang, William cocked his rifle to let everyone know he was there. First, William demanded to speak to whoever owned the place. Then, an unarmed Greely came forward with his hands up. Despite protests from Little Bill, William pulls the trigger on Greely and then mockingly exclaims "he should've armed himself, especially if he was going to use his establishment to put my friend on display."

Then, after aiming the rifle at Little Bill, the Sheriff proudly proclaims 'once this coward shoots me, take him out.' The rifle misfires and then a gunfight ensues.

Following a gunfight which left several of his deputies dead, Little Bill is wounded but still attempts to kill Munny with a concealed pistol. Munny catches him and aims a rifle at his head. First Bill begs saying "I don't deserve this," William replies "we all deserve it. You know you had this coming to you." As Little Bill curses him exclaiming "I will see you in hell," Munny fires one final shot to finish him off thus ending his reign of terror. As William rides off, he tells the town 'bury him right or I will come back!' As no guns were allowed in the town and the Sheriff was no longer around to 'protect' they likely oblidge. 


  • He shares traits with from One Piece: both have warped views on justice, both use justice as an excuse for control, both share an irrational hatred for law breakers (pirates in Akainu's case while gunslingers in Little Bill's case), both have quasi gentlemanly views, both have unusual strength for a person of their age (although the latter ate a Devil Fruit), both kill a person close to the main character (Ace in Akainu's case and Ned in Munny's case) and inflict soul crushing injuries on the protagonist (the scars on Luffy's chest in Akainu's case while an injured face to William Munny in Little Bill's case). 
  • Little Bill also shares traits with from Akame Ga Kill: both share a warped view of justice, both hide guns, both appear to be compassionate and loving but are ruthless, psychotic and unstable, they both seem to enjoy killing, they both seem to enjoy torture, both are hypocritical when it comes to honor (Seryu used underhanded means to defeat the Nightraid while Little Bill uses his deputies to surround English Bob and beat him almost to death while he was unarmed) and both are capable of compassion (Seryu mourns the death of Dr. Stylish while Little Bill decides to not arrest those who attacked the harlot). 
  • He shares the same name as the main character as Bill is short for William 
  • Little Bill's death seems to be very poetic as it is written in the Bible 'judge not, yest ye be judged by that very standard.' He tried to play judge, jury and executioner and was thus meet with an end similar to how he would punish. 

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