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Little Bits is an antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. She is a conniving kitten who resulted be a bounty hunter hired by Lord Hater. She used her natural abilities to lure Wander into a trap but she failed. After failure, Little Bits abandoned the bounty hunting business in order to become a true villain who conquers planets, spreads mayhem and whatnot.


Little Bits stays silent as part of her deceptive cover, but when she talks, she speaks with a cute lisp. She is an intelligent alien feline, because she pretends to be a dumb naked animal who does even dumber antics in order to take control of others with her charm, like when she pretended to be an ordinary cat in order to take over a whole planet through funny cat videos, showing that she has no sense of shame.

Powers and Abilities

Little Bits seeming innocent.

Little Bits has the power to control the thoughts and actions of her adversaries by putting them into a trance through eye-contact, causing their eyes to dilate and turn green as a result. Those with particularly protective or empathetic natures are more susceptible to fall under her hypnosis, as she uses her cute, pitiful and vulnerable appearance as leverage through her mind-control. Her powers seemingly grow stronger the more sad and pitiful she looks. Her powers of manipulation over one's mind are shown to be as powerful as the Black Cube's power to crush one's mind. She doesn't need minions unlike most major villains, as her powers allow her to take control of others, effectively making almost anyone around her a potential minion. Her hypnotic powers even work on camera and she can transmit her cuteness online to take control of an entire planet with ease. The only way to break the mass hypnosis is by either breaking all the transmitters or making her victims laugh.


The Stray

Little Bits first appears in the episode "The Stray". Wander and Sylvia had found her all alone, and so of corse, Wander was determined to help her. Wander asks her is she knows where her owner lives. She nods yes, and leads them into the desert. Throughout the episode, Wander bent over-backwards for her while Sylvia only became more and more annoyed as the cat continued to take advantage of them. In the end, as it turned out, the cat was not in fact a stray at all, but rather a bounty hunter for Lord Hater. Sylvia saves Wander just in time for him to avoid being beamed up into the ship, instead having Little Bits go up.

At the end of the episode, Hater tied Little Bits up to a chair and was about to punish her. She gave him the sad eyes, but Hater resisted. He finally let her go after she said a line that he wanted her to say earlier.

The Catastrophe

Her last major appearance was in the episode "The Catastrophe". In the episode, she had created an app that had enslaved an entire planet of people, including Wander. After being met up with her again, she revealed that she left the Bounty Hunter service so that she could pursue a life of conquering planets. Sylvia and Little Bits end up fighting to win back the attention of the world's inhabitants, Little Bits being cute and Sylvia hurting herself which made everyone laugh. In the end, Little Bits was not able to outdo Sylvia, and she lost.

Battle Royal

Little Bits plays a minor role in the Battle Royal episode, seen shooting the crowd with a hand-gun.


In all other appearances, Little Bits only appears briefly and has no lines. In these, she makes many cameo appearances with other villains in the second season.


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