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I will conjure a demon with my magical drum. Hahahahaha!
~ Little Drummer Boy
A drumroll? It's so suspenseful!
~ Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy is a recurring antagonist in the stop motion parody sketch comedy series Robot Chicken.

He is voiced by Seth Green who also voices several other characters in the series, including Robot Chicken.


Little Drummer Boy first appears in the sketch "A Very Dragon Ball Z Christmas" from the episodes "Robot Chicken Christmas Special" and "Easter Basket". Here he is seen among those who helped Mrs. Claus capture the reindeer and steal Santa Claus' sleigh. He uses his drum to summon demons after noticing Goku and Gohan only to be defeated when they use Kamehameha on him. Despite this, he still appears a couple of times later in the sketch to do a drumline.

Little Drummer Boy is among those answering the phones in "Robot Chicken Telethon" from season two finale "Book of Corrine" along with Fidel Castro, Six Million Peso Man, Humping Robot, Bloopers Host, Eagle Eye Smith, one of the aliens, the Nerd, Fritz Hühnermörder and Robot Chicken. He, like the rest of the characters, ends up getting shot by Matthew Senreich when the latter starts shooting with his shotgun. He is seen in the recap at the beginning of "Seth's Revenge" from season three opener "Werewolf vs Unicorn" along with his tombstone being shown.

In "Little Drummer Goku" from "Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special", Little Drummer Boy is shown drumming with Composite Santa Claus beside him.

Little Drummer Boy makes a brief cameo in "Beginning Season Five" from season five opener "Saving Private Gigli", doing his trademark drumline after Sunshine Cowboy's death before getting shot in the head.

He appears once again in "The Rescue" from season five finale "Fight Club Paradise" among Hühnermörder's line of defenses. After dealing with the Gummy Bear, Robot Chicken encounters Little Drummer Boy who explains his drumming before trying to attack the bionic poultry only for his drumsticks to be taken from him and shoved into his eyes, killing him.


  • Little Drummer Boy is one of the few telethon participants to not return as a zombie in "Seth's Revenge" despite being seen in the recap and his tombstone being shown. Others include Fidel Castro, Humping Robot, Bloopers Host, Eagle Eye Smith, Hühnermörder and Robot Chicken.
  • Little Drummer Boy's drumline and subsequent pose where he drops his drumsticks is a reference to the film Drumline.
  • Little Drummer Boy is also the name of a popular Christmas song written by Katherine Kennicott Davis.

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