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Little Henry is the final antagonist in the 1997 film American History X.

He was portrayed by Jason Bose Smith.


Little Henry was an African-American student who had a violent confrontation with Danny Vinyard, Derek Vinyard's younger brother.

After that, Henry is not seen until a scene where he and his gang drives by Derek and Danny's apartment, pretending to fire a gun at them, implying that he plans to kill Danny.

The climax ends with Little Henry returning with a gun and shoots Danny in the chest, killing him, unaware of that Danny and his brother had left neo-Nazism.

This tragedy caused Derek deep distress and the movie ends with Derek holding his dead brother's body and Little Henry's fate is unknown but it is likely that he is arrested later on. 


  • Although the film ends without explaining what effects Little Henry's murder had on Derek in an original script Derek was shown to have returned to Neo-Nazism due to it (this was not made into the official film, thus should be considered non-canon).
  • In an early draft in the film, Little Henry seemed to be hesitant on killing Danny; he was afraid to shoot Danny, and Danny tried to take the gun from Little Henry, but then he shoots him. Little Henry was then horrified of what he just did to Danny.
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