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~ Little Mac to Abobo.
After I finished training him, Little Mac went all power crazy and used his skills for evil! Now he's kidnapped your son to prove to the world of NES that nobody can stop him!
~ Doc Louis to Abobo, confirming Little Mac's goal.

Little Mac is the main antagonist and the final boss of the fangame Abobo's Big Adventure. He is revealed as the mastermind behind Aboboy's kidnapping, after Abobo kills Kirby and saves Doc Louis. Little Mac wanted to prove that nobody could stop him, so he ordered his goons to kidnap Aboboy and stop Abobo.



Little Mac is first mentioned by his former trainer, Doc Louis, after he is saved by Abobo from Kirby. Doc Louis states that Little Mac went crazy and used his skills for evil. He kidnapped Aboboy to prove to the world of NES that nobody can stop him.


Later, Abobo and Doc Louis started to training and Abobo challenged Little Mac.

Little Mac is fought on the Punch Out level, which is also the last level. After taking some punishment, he paralyzes Abobo and uses a secret "?" box with many power-ups, transforming into a super-muscular form called Big Mac. After being defeated, he loses all power-ups and returns to his normal self, so Abobo decapitates him with the NES Power Glove. Later, his head traveled a few games of the NES and eventually his head impaled to the flag pole of Super Mario Bros.

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