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What was your safe word again? When I used the dog collar and the strap-on? What was it, Vincent Cassel?
~ Nina

"Little" Nina Namenko is a supporting antagonist in The Boys comic book and television series. She is a Russian crime lord who formerly employed Frenchie.

She is portrayed by Katia Winter.



A woman who while working with Vought America, used a lesser version of Compound V in order to make more supes. The problem was their heads kept exploding.

Nina was extremely short and had a fascination for vibrators because after she had a deep argument with her father caused her never trusted men anymore. She died when Butcher put an explosive inside vibrator, blowing up her plane and crashing into a snowy Russian mountain.

TV Series

Cherie comes to Frenchie asking for help after she did a job for Nina, in which a shipment of drugs was stolen by unknown assailants. He gives her fake passport to flee the country. Following this, one of Nina's men, Yevgenny, kidnaps Frenchie and brings him before Nina at her deli.

Nina interrogates him about Cherie's location, telling him that it was her who stole the drugs, and promises to make her death quick, taunting Serge about his history as an assassin. However, Frenchie reveals his status as a CIA officer, which pressures Nina into letting him leave.

Later, Billy Butcher asks Frenchie to arrange a meeting with Nina in Russia to find a lead on B.C.L. Red, a weapon that supposedly killed Soldier Boy, and believed strong enough to kill Homelander.


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