The Little Queen (in Japanese: リトルクイーン, Ritorukuiin) was the main antagonist in Lineage & Legacies, the after story in the video game "Tales of Graces F". She was an entity from the planet Fodra that wanted to get rid of all humans, thinking it would keep life in Fodra on balance. Her alternate form, the Fodra Queen, is the true final boss in the game.

In "Tales of Graces F" (Lineage & Legacies)

At the beginning, Little Queen was frequently seen inside Sophie's mind trying to get her to come with them so they would be together forever. Asbel and the others learned that something was up with Fodra's core and decided to go and investigate. The Little Queen saw and blasted the shuttle they were on. At the Eleth Research Laboratory, she and a few other monsters caused the facility to collapse just to kill the group (unaware that it wouldv'e endangered Sophie too). After their escape, they ended up in the garden; feeling like she was calling her, Sophie decided to go to the Little Queen. As they did, a bunch of Little Queen's appeared and fought the group. Afterwards, one of them attempted to blast the group, but luckily, Lambda's power saved them in the process.

In the data clips, it was shown that the researchers at the Eleth Research Laboratory were investigating about the Little Queen. It was also shown that Emeraude was involved along with the other researchers. During terrible circumstances, they decided to shut down Fodra's core. However, the Little Queen appeared and killed all the researchers, due to their rash decision and that they were humans period.

In the Lastilia Shaft, the army of Little Queens did the same thing a few times. As the group finally reached Fodra's core, a lot of Little Queens surrounded it. After realizing that Sophie actually cared for the humans, they decided that she should "die with them". They fused together and became Fodra's true entity, "The Fodran Queen". She attempted to use a powerful blast against them, but Lambda saved them again. After the final battle, Asbel had Lambda absorb some of the core's eleth before her strength was regained. She turned back into one Little Queen and broke down into tears, blasting Sophie a few times. Sophie finally convinced her that not all humans were bad and the Little Queen gave Sophie the power to be human, all her tears, and then disappeared in the end.


  • In the Enemy Book, she was placed under the "Unknown/Mystery" class.
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