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Little Red Riding Hood is a one-time villain from The Powerpuff Girls comic book franchise, only appearing in the issue, "Bedcrime Stories". She is a fictional fictional portrayal of the fairytale character, Little Red Riding Hood, who is constantly changing in essence, due to her story being narrated by four storytellers, all of whom disagree with each other. In Blossom's version of the story, Little Red Riding Hood is retooled to be a thieving spy, who works in cahoots with The Big Bad Wolf.


In "Bedcrime Stories", Professor Utonium told The Powerpuff Girls the story of Little Red Riding Hood, only to be constantly interrupted by the girls, who would change the story to fit their own narratives.

When it came to Little Red Riding Hood, Blossom altered the story to say that Little Red Riding Hood was actually a villain, who worked in cahoots with The Big Bad Wolf. The two planned on breaking into Granny's house and stealing all of her possessions.

Unfortunately for Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf got selfish and wanted to keep all the money for himself, so he tricked Little Red Hiding Hood by dressing up as her grandma and luring her into the house so that he could eat her, just like in the regular story. Little Red Riding Hood walked right into the trap, commenting on how big the wolf's ears and eyes and teeth were and eventually got herself attacked by the wolf.

Fortunately for Little Red Riding Hood, a nearby lumberjack heard her calls for help and same in to save her by beating up the wolf. This was the end of Little Red Riding Hood's villainous side, as the rest of the story would be told by the other two girls, who portrayed her as a hero.


  • In Blossom's rendition of the character, her attire is reminiscent of Carmen Sandiego's.