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Little Sergei is the secondary antagonist of Illumination's 10th feature film The Secret Life of Pets 2. He is the pet monkey of Sergei.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.


Little Sergei is a monkey with dark grey and white fur, a green hat with a blue flower, red lace, red bowtie and magenta pants. His head, face and chest is white while the rest of his fur is dark grey. His face, ears, hands and feet are purple. He also has brown eyes. He has a spiky fur on top, and a long tail.


Little Sergei appears alongside Sergei throughout most of the film. During the climax,Snowball and Daisy attempt to escape with Hu. But Little Sergei stops them and throws snowball into a pipe. He later appears during the fight scene against him and Snowball. At first Snowball corners him against the wall. But he strikes back by knocking him out the way with a juggling stick. He later rides his unicycle while also juggling sticks on fire. He lights the cannon that Daisy is in, but she manages to escape and they throw him into the cannon. He then blasts out the train soon after while screeching and hitting Max, getting knocked out from the impact. It is unknown what happens to him after, but it may be possible that he is found by Sergei.


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