Little Witch Suzy

Little Witch Suzy is a minor antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Wizard of Odd". She is the dream counterpart of Suzy Johnson that only exists in a dream imagined by Candace in the episode.

Just like her original counterpart, she was voiced by Kari Walghren.


Candace passes out due to Phineas and Ferb spinning the house while cleaning it with a hose at the same time, causing the entire house to land into a fictional place called Patchkin Land and crushing Little Witch Suzy and leaving her legs sticking out, much to her discomfort.

Upon hearing of Suzy's fate, the Patchkins praised Candace for squishing Little Witch Suzy, revealing that she had been ruling their land like a tyrant and was not very well liked. Even the arriving Doofenwarlock declares that he too hated Little Witch Suzy as he wants to take her red rubber boots for himself, though the boots ended up on Candace. Despite having survived the plunge, Little Witch Suzy demanded someone to get the house off from her, only to be ignored.

Eventually, in the end, Candace decided to give Suzy's boots to Doofenwarlock, who happily dances with them in glee. However, Doofenwarlock too ends up enduring Little Witch Suzy's fate as another house drops on him, though he survived.


  • Little Witch Suzy is a parody of the Wicked Witch of the East as the episode "Wizard of Odd" is a parody of The Wizard of Oz.


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