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Live Corp (true name: Evil Corp) is the main antagonistic faction of Sony Picture's feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Live Corp is an advanced science company located on an isle west of the San Franjose (an amalgam of San Francisco and San Jose) coast and it is owned by Chester V.

Chester V was voiced by Will Forte, Sentinel Louise was voiced by Melissa Sturm, Sentinel Peter and Labcoat Jenny were voiced by Kris Pearn, Barb was voiced by Kristen Schaal, Idea Pants Guy and Flintly McCallahan were voiced by Craig Kellman, Flint Lockwood was voiced by Bill Hader, and Steve was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.


Before the start of the second film, Chester had created the first invention called the Food Bar.

However, it was eventually foiled when Flint Lockwood, Barb, and Barry had rescued their friends and the Foodimals from the evil forces of Evil Corp.

After the demise of Evil Corp and the death of Chester V, Flint recovers the FLDSMDFR, restores it to normal, and returns it to where they found it, allowing the foodimals to flourish naturally.

Known Staff

  • Chester V - CEO
  • Thinkquanauts - Elites of the Company itself / most loyal to the CEO
  • Sentinel Louise - Sentinel operator
  • Sentinel Peter
  • Labcoat Jenny
  • Barb (formerly)
  • Idea Pants Guy - Scientist
  • Flint Lockwood (formerly)
  • Steve (formerly)
  • Flintly McCallahan - Thinkquanaut


Live Corp HQ

The main headquarters off the coast of San Franjose.

Scientist Cubicles

Iconic light Bulb dome Courtyard Auditorium Main Lobby Volleyball Platform Motivation Pod Refill Hub Live Corp CEO hover office Nanotubes Live Corp Jungle Outpost An outpost used to settle employees tasked on operations in Swallow Falls, before its abandonment.

Snack Bar

Proving Grounds Live Corp Food Factory

  • A factory used to harvest food animals for food bars, off the coast of Swallow Falls.

Food Animal Vault

Iconic light Bulb dome Processing Hub Super Sized Food Bar Machine Loading dock


  • Their structures are very Monolithic.
  • Their three main colors are white, green and orange.
  • Hexagons are one of the primary shapes in their technology.
    • The light bulb is another primary shape in their technology, found in their umbrella hats, logo, headquarters, and even Chester V's head, neck, and collar combined.


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