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Leslie Willis (also known as Livewire) is one of the antagonists in the DC Super Hero Girls Reboot.

She was voiced by Mallory Low in her first Villainous role.


She has a tall, slender build, pale complexion, and brown eyes.

As Leslie Willis, she has black hair with blue highlights in an asymmetrical haircut. She wears goth-themed, punk clothing, including a short jacket with matching shorts, and a grey shirt and leggings underneath. She also wears leather boots, a black choker, and several earrings.

As Livewire, her body emits a blue aura, which makes her eyes glow blue. Her skin turns bright blue, and her hair gets messier and blue as well.  She wears medium blue, elbow length gloves, a black bodysuit with spiked shoulder pads with a medium blue lightning bolt across her chest, and black, thigh length boots with medium blue spikes underneath.


Leslie loves pranks but doesn't know when to stop, nearly killing an elevator full of people for a prank.



She pranks those who wronged her and posting the pranks online. After Wonder Woman stops her from destroying an elevator full of people, she becomes Livewire and seeks revenge against Wonder Woman and her friends.


She aids Doris in bullying Karen.



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