I'm gonna eat your toes!
~ The Living Hotdog's catchphrase.

The Living Hotdog is a recurring antagonist in Klay World. The hotdog was brought to life by the God of Hotdogs, but it eventually a man-eating creature and starts eating Klaymen's toes.

He is the main antagonist of Klay World: Hotdog Job and the secondary antagonist in the extended version of Klay World: Trapper.

He was voiced by Robert Benfer.


Hotdog Job

The God of Hotdogs appears and tries to help the hotdog employee, using his magic on the hotdog. However, this backfires as he turned the hotdog into a man-eating monster. After brutally murders two Klaymen, it is devoured and killed by a Klayman who was hungry.


In the extended version, Jason removes the bandages on his hand, revealing it turned into a hotdog and also saying he was bitten by one. The hotdog takes control over Jason's body and decides to chase after Jason's friend, attempting to eat his toes.

Klay World: All Gone

The Living Hotdog does not physically appear in the video, but is mentioned by Chester during his conversation with the former hotdog employee. Chester is seen with the former hotdog employee, who thanked Chester for not being about quitting his job. But Chester got angry said he didn't quit but fired the Klayman for tampering with the recipe and also cost him a lot of money during the events.





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