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Loafers McGuire is major antagonist in the novel Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer. He is a dangerous "metal-man" mobster sent to capture Artemis.


Early Life

Aloysius was born in Ireland. He was very short and was often insecure about his height. He always wanted to be a mobster, and loved Mafia movies like the Godfather. He tried to start a Celtic Mob, but failed. He decided to move to America to join a mob there.

He joined the Frazetti familty by beating up another mobster. He named himself "Loafers" after his shoes, thinking it sounded better than Aloysius. Every time he did a job, he got a tattoo, to the point that his entire body was covered in tattoos.

Hunting Artemis

Jon Spiro needed Artemis Fowl to unlock the C Cube. He approached Carla Frizetti for help. She contacted Loafers and Mulch Diggums, and ordered them to travel to Ireland to Kidnapp Ireland, Mulch decided to help Artemis by annoying Loafers to great effect, as Loafers was very insecure and easily irritated by Mulch. Mulch managed to get him so angry at the airport that he was detained by airport security.

Mulch broke into Fowl Manor and made contact with Artemis. Mulch didn't realize that Loafers could hear him over the radio. Loafers broke into the house and held them all at gunpoint. Butler couldn't do anything about it, as he was still recovering from being shot by Arno Blunt. However, Juliet Butler came into the house and knocked Loafers out easily.

Loafers was mindwiped by the LEP and sent to Kenya. He was taken in the local villagers and started a new life there. He had no memory of being in the mob.


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