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Lobster Claws is a member of Ludo's Army and a minor antagonist in the cartoon series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He was voiced by Brian Posehn.


Lobster Claws first appears in "Quest Buy" as one of the monsters that accompanies Ludo to Quest Buy so he can buy a Electric Beek Shiner. When they run into Star and Marco an epic chase and fight ensure causing lots of damage to the store, much to the anger of the sloth clerks.

He tries to attack Star but gets kicked into a wall, causing a lot of items to fall on to the ground, when he finds the Beak Trimmer for Ludo during the fight against Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, he rushes to bring it to Ludo, but is accidentally sucked into a black hole that was created when Marco threw away a black hole charger, though later episodes confirm that he survived this.

In Lobster Claws's titular episode, Ludo fires him when he fails magnificently to obtain Star Butterfly's magic wand. When Lobster Claws has nowhere else to go, Marco helps him to be a good guy, but he fails at every possible attempt. Star, believing Lobster Claws to be a monster at heart, tries to help him get his job back as one of Ludo's minions by way of a staged fight that paints Lobster Claws in a good light before Ludo and the others.

Through an unexpected turn of events, Lobster Claws claims Star's wand and nearly succumbs to it's power. Marco and Star eventually get the wand away from him and defeat Ludo and his army, but Ludo, in awe that Lobster Claws held the wand briefly, gives him his job back.



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