Lobster Theodore

Lobster Theodore

Lobster Theodore is the secondary antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Water Works".

He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who also played Ranger Bert.


As his name implies, Lobster Theodore is a red lobster who is second-in-command to Commander Octodon. He also has his sidekick named Joey Clams. Being a lobster, Theodore hates two things: hot water (because it cooks lobsters) and melted butter (because it is used as a garnish for eating on cooked lobster).

Among diabolical villainies is messing with a big water pipe, thus endangering a water park in Latin America, and later, he and Joey would make another pool dangerous and keep all life-saving devices away from the Danger Rangers (EG, stealing a lifebuoy from Squeaky so he has to use a branch) and not only get the Rangers blamed for the danger, but also Theodore and Joey's only witness, an inexperienced Fallbot, blamed for the incident.

When Lobster Theodore, Joey, and Octodon are witnessed to be in a fake yacht, they try to escape, but Octodon throws them out to escape faster, but it is revealed that neither helper can swim, so Rangers Burble and Squeeky rescue them and eventually have them arrested for their villainous actions.


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