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File:GothamSolomonGrundy.pngFile:Gotham - 2x20 - My Names Firefly! (End Scene)File:Gotham - 2x22 - Monsters of the Bus Roam the streets of Gotham
File:Gotham - 3x04 - The Unfortunate Demise of Alice TetchFile:Gotham - 3x12 - Lee visits Barnes at ArkhamFile:Gotham - 3x14 - Jerome and Bruce (Part 1)
File:Gotham - 3x14 - Jerome vs Bruce in Mirror Maze (Part 2)File:Gotham - 4x01 - The Scarecrow Is NamedFile:Gotham - Falcone Entrance (John Doman) "There Are Rules"
File:Gotham - Fish Mooney kills Sal MaroniFile:Gotham - Ivy takes over the Wayne FoundationFile:Gotham - Jerome's Death
File:Gotham - Jerome Joker Dead? Scene S02E03File:Gotham - Mr. Penn returns to Penguin with ScarfaceFile:Gotham - Officer Barnes Kills a Civilian
File:Gotham - Professor Pyg puts on other music in Arkham AsylumFile:Gotham - Professor Pyg serves meat pieFile:Gotham - Pyg forces Sofia to eat but Gordon comes in to fight him
File:Gotham - Riddler tries to kill GordonFile:Gotham - The Last Son Prophecy Ceremony with Bruce WayneFile:Gotham - The Penguin Kills his Stepmother
File:Gotham - The Penguin Meets Hugo StrangeFile:Gotham - Victor Zsasz crashes a weddingFile:Gotham 1X01 The Snitch
File:Gotham 1x16 Promo "The Blind Fortune Teller" (HD)File:Gotham 1x22-Barbara vs Lee "I killed my parents"File:Gotham 1x22-Penguin kills Fish Mooney
File:Gotham 1x22 The Riddler beginsFile:Gotham 2X05 FireflyFile:Gotham 2x02-Jerome a.k.a Joker "Now thats a headline"
File:Gotham 2x03-Jerome's DeathFile:Gotham 2x05-Ending Scene "Bruce Wayne will die"File:Gotham 2x06-Bridgit Pike FireFly kills her brothers
File:Gotham 2x07-Silver and SelenaFile:Gotham 2x08-Jim tries to save Barbara "I love you baby"File:Gotham 2x10-Alfred vs Tabitha Galavan
File:Gotham 2x10-Theo Galavan is releasedFile:Gotham 2x11-Jim kills Theo GalavanFile:Gotham 2x11-Penguin, Jim, Alfred & Selena team up to save Bruce
File:Gotham 2x12 Promo 3 "Mr. Freeze" (HD)File:Gotham 2x17-The Penguin Returns!File:Gotham 2x17-The Riddler gets arrested
File:Gotham 2x17 - Jim Gordon catch Edward Nygma The RiddlerFile:Gotham 2x18 - Mr. Freeze is back on field and kills Karen JenningsFile:Gotham 2x18 - Theo Galavan returns as Azrael
File:Gotham 2x19-Azrael attacks JimFile:Gotham 2x19-Azrael is Theo GalavanFile:Gotham 2x20-Butch blows up Azrael
File:Gotham 2x20-Ending Scene "My name's Firefly"File:Gotham 2x20-Penguin brings flowers for TabithaFile:Gotham 2x20 Edward Nygma Escapes from Arkham
File:Gotham 2x20 Penguin is Finally Back (with a bang!)File:Gotham 2x20 Theo Galavan's 'Azrael's Dead SceneFile:Gotham 2x21 - Fish Mooney returns
File:Gotham 2x22-Mr Freeze VS FireflyFile:Gotham 2x22 - Penguin meets Fish Mooney again Part 14File:Gotham 3X02 Because Your Mine
File:Gotham 3X02 You Wanted To TalkFile:Gotham 3X15 Fox VS NygmaFile:Gotham 3X16 I Need Your Help
File:Gotham 3X17 I QuitFile:Gotham 3x03-Mad Hatter Opening SceneFile:Gotham 3x03 Gim Gordan is hypnotised to kill himself
File:Gotham 3x03 Penguin Talks To Mayor JamesFile:Gotham 3x03 penguin runs for mayorFile:Gotham 3x04 The New Mayor Of Gotham
File:Gotham 3x04 jim gordan came out of hypnotismFile:Gotham 3x04 jim gordan was hypnotised to kill himself for the 3rd timeFile:Gotham 3x06-Jim saves the kid
File:Gotham 3x06-Jim tells Mad Hatter to kill Lee Valerie gets shotFile:Gotham 3x09 Mad Captain Barn Gotham 'Mad City The Executioner' Season 3 episode 09 HDFile:Gotham 3x10-Tabitha's hand is cut off
File:Gotham 3x10-Talon Fight SceneFile:Gotham 3x11-Jim kills MarioFile:Gotham 3x12-Falcone and Lee "He'll die by my hands not yours"
File:Gotham 3x12-Jim VS ZsaszFile:Gotham 3x12 Promo (HD) Season 3 Episode 12 Promo - Jerome ReturnsFile:Gotham 3x12 Promo 2 "Ghosts" (HD) Season 3 Episode 12 Promo 2
File:Gotham 3x13 Jerome Is AliveFile:Gotham 3x16 - Ivy helps Penguin to escapeFile:Gotham 3x16 - Penguin kills Gabe
File:Gotham 3x1 Barbara's Cwub Mad City Better to Reign in hellFile:Gotham 3x22-Tabitha VS BarbaraFile:Gotham 4X02 Gordon Meets Scarecrow
File:Gotham 4X02 Gordon VS ScarecrowFile:Gotham 4X04 I'm Not The RiddlerFile:Gotham 4x03-Sofia Falcone is in Gotham
File:Gotham 4x12 Promo "Pieces of a Broken Mirror" (HD) Season 4 Episode 12 PromoFile:Gotham 4x19 Ra's Al Ghul vs BarbaraFile:Gotham 4x20 Jeremiah's transformation
File:Gotham 4x21 Jeremiah kills his followersFile:Gotham 4x21 Jeremiah meets Penguin and BarbaraFile:Gotham 4x21 Jeremiah outside the GCPD
File:Gotham 5x02 Bruce & Ivy Scene (part 1)File:Gotham 5x02 Bruce & Ivy Scene (part 2)File:Gotham 5x12 Joker killed harley quinn
File:Gotham Bane Mask 506.jpegFile:Gotham Barbara tries to kill LeeFile:Gotham Bruce vs Jerome
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File:Gotham Episode 4x09 Professor Pyg Forces Everyone Eat HUMAN Pie Gotham ScenesFile:Gotham Episode 4x10 Professor Pyg Plays “Ave Maria” In Arkham Gotham ScenesFile:Gotham Girls Episode 1.png
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File:Gotham Jerome's legacyFile:Gotham Joker Season 4.pngFile:Gotham Joker concept art.png
File:Gotham Joker jerome & The maniax vs The GCPDFile:Gotham Joker jerome death sceneFile:Gotham Kiss 3x21 Jim and Lee
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File:Gotham Professor Pyg serves meat pieFile:Gotham Ra's al Ghul Season 4 Poster.pngFile:Gotham S05E06 Clip 'Penguin Meets Magpie' Rotten Tomatoes TV
File:Gotham S2X01 A Group of OutlawsFile:Gotham S2X02 Looking For UsFile:Gotham Season 4 "The Sirens Club Is Back" Promo (HD)
File:Gotham Season 4 "Welcome To Professor Pyg’s Slaughterhouse" Promo (HD)File:Gotham Season 4 Episode 17 - Jokers Laughing Gas Gets Tested OutFile:Gotham Season 4 episode 17 Joker Hunts Down His Twin
File:Gotham Season 5 Jeremiah "Chemical Green Band" Movie Trailer (HD)File:Gotham Sirens Issue 6 Ivy.JPGFile:Gotham The "Penguin" & Fish Mooney - "Pilot" Clip 5 FULL SCENE (HD)
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