File:Grogar his legions.pngFile:Grogar holding a sphere of magic S9E1.pngFile:Grogar image-0.jpg
File:Grogar image.jpgFile:Grogar in the Shadows.pngFile:Grogar introducing himself S9E1.png
File:Grogar laughing maniacally S9E2.pngFile:Grogar laughing sinisterly S9E2.pngFile:Grogar leans over his crystal ball table S9E2.png
File:Grogar leaving the rest of the villains S9E1.pngFile:Grogar looking at his crystal ball S9E8.pngFile:Grogar looking enraged S9E8.png
File:Grogar looks down on other villains S9E1.pngFile:Grogar looming over Pre-Equestria S9E1.pngFile:Grogar looms over Gusty the Great S9E8.png
File:Grogar quickly losing his patience S9E8.pngFile:Grogar raises an eyebrow at Chrysalis S9E8.pngFile:Grogar returns to his lair S9E8.png
File:Grogar screams with rage S9E8.pngFile:Grogar shouting 'enough!' S9E8.pngFile:Grogar shouts 'silence!' at Cozy Glow S9E1.png
File:Grogar sitting behind his crystal ball S9E1.pngFile:Grogar slams his hoof on the ground S9E8.pngFile:Grogar touching his bell necklace S9E1.png
File:Grogar unleashing his full might S9E8.pngFile:Grogar using his magic bells S9E1.pngFile:Grogar walking across stepping stones S9E1.png
File:Grogar walks to top of lair pedestal S9E1.pngFile:Grogar with a wicked smile S9E1.pngFile:Grogar with bewitching bell by andoanimalia dd7ekhq-fullview.png
File:Grogar with mlp villains.pngFile:Grogar’s Alliance with the Villains of Equestria (The Beginning of the End) MLP FiM HDFile:Grogar’s Alliance with the Villains of Equestria (The Beginning of the End) MLP FiM HD-0
File:Groggy.gifFile:Grojband Trina Poses 001.jpgFile:Grojband Trina Poses 002.jpg
File:Grojband Trina Scream.jpgFile:Grojband Zombies.jpgFile:Grojband episode 4 space jammin-wish upon a jug 040 0001.jpg
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