Lockyar was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series Mighty Max.

Lockyar was a Norse demon of violence who was originally summoned by an army who wished to conquer a village led by Norman thousands of years ago. Even Lockyar could not defeat the future Guardian, however, and he was imprisoned - first under the sea and then later within an ancient tree. When the tree was cut down by a logging crew in recent times Lockyar was set free and began searching for the key which would unlock his chains and allow him to roam free, killing any that got in his way.

However just as Lockyar found the key Max intervened and snatched it from the demon's hand, Lockyar hurled his axe at Max in rage - breaking a dam and causing water to flood in but the demon managed to leap onto the log Max was on and renewed his attack.

Yet when Lockyar tried to attack Norman leapt on the log, dislodging Max to safety and after a heated pursuit Lockyar was buried under a large crane.

Yet this was never enough to stop the demon and he emerged again, threatening Virgil's life and prompting Max to give him the key - however when Lockyar let loose a powerful roar he caused the nearby mountains to cave in around himself and imprison him once again.

Throughout the episode Virgil made it clear that Lockyar was not just a mere "demon" but the actual embodiment of violence itself - this angered Norman to no ends as he could not defeat Lockyar through force alone, however Max (being a kid) was intrigued at first with Lockyar, saying he'd seen violence before in video-games and movies until Virgil noted the memorable line "no, this is real violence.. and real violence has real consequences..".

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