My era is over.
~ Final words before death

The Locomotive Mask is the fourth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters. He is the main antagonist in episode 46 of 1976 TV series called Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Akira Shimada who previously voiced a Warrior Mask and later voiced an Electric Monster.


The Locomotive Mask made his first as he was chugging through a tunnel and right at the Gorengers who're on patrol. With that said the duo follows the Locomotive Mask. They manage to stop the Locomotive Mask in its tracks and ask him if he's part of the Black Cross Army which he replies yes, but he give out the intel of why he's running on the road because that's top secret that only the Black Cross Army knows.

So the duo transform and were about to battle the Locomotive Mask, but he puts a lump of coal in the engine and charged right at the duo sending the motorcycle flying into the air. The duo try to use their gear on this monster, but none of doesn't phase him at all. So with that said the Locomotive Mask charge right through the duo sending Momorenger towards the hills and Midorenger into the trees where he was stuck on a branch.

A while later the Locomotive Mask has been chugging in the freeway and through the city as he asked everyone to move out of the way. A while later the Gorengers spots the Locomotive Mask when he was chugging right next to the fruit parlor. Once inside he asked the owners to give him some water because he was overheated. Unknown to the monster the chef spots a radar on his legs so he'd asked Daito to check on the Locomotive Mask.

A while later the Locomotive Mask is at the railroads still chugging as he went under the bridge. However Daito came running by and asked the Locomotive Mask whats the device that he has on his legs to which the Locomotive Mask refused to answer. So instead he demonstrate his super speed as he ran even faster than a bullet train.

After the speedy run the Locomotive Mask figures out that Daito is really Kirenger so with that said Daito transformed and charged right at the Locomotive Mask, but due to the monster armor hide not even his megaton headbutt can penetrate it. With that said the Locomotive Mask charged right through the Kirenger sending him tumbling down the hill and down the tunnel as Momorenger and Midorenger follows him by motorcycle as they reached the hideout.

Once inside the Zolders removed the underground tracker from the Locomotive Mask and used the info that it gathers when the train-themed monster is running above ground, but unknown to the badguys Peggy used the MomoSkipper to gain the intel from within the base not before long Magman spots the spybot and destroyed it with his dagger. With that said the Locomotive Mask was sent out of the base to find the EAGLE Base so the trio has to stop the Locomotive Mask and as for the duo to head Black Cross Army base and destroy the computer which they did via the Varitank.

A while later the Locomotive Mask is chugging down the bridge when the trio creates the roadblock to stop the monster in its tracks, but he shrank his body so that way his head can plow right through the barrier. Ultimately, Kaijo ends up facing the Masked Monster in the Varitank, getting into a stalemate as it tries to prevent Locomotive Mask from pushing him back and ultimately out of the way. Eventually, the Locomotive Mask finally falls when it unknowingly trips on a rock throwing it down to the ground as Akarenger runs him over with the tank.

Once the Zolders that he sent are defeated the team performs the Gorenger Hurricane to destroy him, but he prevented them from doing so when he used his staff and catches the ball. After getting the ball back, Kirenger decides to taunt Locomotive Mask with the rock/paper/scissors option of his Ki Stick until they reached an area where the Locomotive Mask can't run well enough, allowing for the team to complete the Gorenger Hurricane as it transforms into a coal that becomes lodged within its steam pipe, wearing the Locomotive Mask down and completely stopping him to his defeat.


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